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Sebastien Cervantes is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the founder of Windmill Hypnosis. With the mission to Heal, Change, and Transform, he uses hypnotherapy to help clients uncover answers to their most stressful life questions, find solutions to what causes them pain, and replace unhelpful habits and patterns with transformative new ones.


In his years of training and practice, Sebastien has helped individuals make long-term mental, physical, and life changes that have been out-of-reach - until now.

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Certified through The Hypnotherapy Training

Institute (HTI), Sebastien studied under Randal

Churchill, “The Teacher of the Teachers,” ™ and

one of the world’s most leading and influential

hypnotherapists. This certification was accomplished

with over 300 hours of on-site, hands-on training.

Sebastien is also accredited by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), a state-chartered, non-profit professional corporation that has established standards for specialized education and maintains standards of practice and a code of ethics. He has achieved the highest level of certification awarded through ACHE.


I understand the power of words...the ones we believe about ourselves and others.

Sebastien is also a professor of English, a professional writer, and a writing coach. He understands the power of words and stories; both the ones we consume and the ones we believe about ourselves and others. That is why he puts his experience to use in hypnotherapy, using language that is familiar, direct, and dynamic to rewrite a client’s narrative and program a new and compelling internal script. Life has taught him, "just how remarkable it can be when we change the story in our head about who we are into the story of who we want to be". He counts it a privilege and pleasure to be entrusted to work with clients from all over the world changing lives - one mind at a time!

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