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  • Does Hypnosis Really Work?
    Hypnosis is an efficient and powerful tool when paired with a skilled hypnotherapist and a willing client. Together, we will determine what issues/concerns prompted you to chose Hypnotherapy. To customize sessions and maximize effectiveness, we will take a targeted, sustainable approach to discovering the boundaries you are comfortable setting and your goals and objectives.
  • Am I Good Candidate for Hypotherapy?
    If you can imagine a scene playing out in your head or have had dreams that you could have felt were real, then you might be a fantastic candidate for Hypnotherapy.
  • What Makes Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy So Effective?
    Hypnosis is a unique modality in that it bypasses the older “rational” ways that we are taught to engage with our thoughts and works on the deeper subconscious level of our brain. Traditional talk therapy is often based on working with your thoughts and understanding them on a logical, detached way. Meditation and mindfulness-based practices, meanwhile, focus on observing, but interacting with, thoughts and memories. Hypnotherapy takes an active approach to making changes at the level of the mind while abiding by therapeutic processes that can then be applied to real life. Hypnotherapy is more than just talking or observing – it’s about taking safe and positive action to create lasting effects.
  • Is Hypnosis Dangerous?
    There are many popular depictions in the media of hypnosis subjects being humiliated, powerless, or placed into scary situations by hypnotists. However, hypnosis is as safe as resting your eyes and allowing your mind to drift for a short period of time. While being in a state of hypnosis and undergoing Hypnotherapy can be an emotionally vulnerable experience or may lead to uncovering unexplored aspects of the mind, this process is always done in a safe, private, and gentle manner.
  • Will I Lose Control During Hypnotherapy?
    The same goes for revealing secrets or private information that you would not want to share. Your mind will only reveal what you conscious is willing to release.
  • How Soon Can I Expect Results?
    Everyone is unique in their specific goals and needs for hypnosis. Many clients see positive changes after a single session, while some choose to undergo four sessions in order to comprehensively alter behavior or habits. In general, the more specific your goal is, the more focused our session will be. And focused and targeted work can yield amazing results.
  • What If I Can't Be Hypnotized?
    I adopt a holistic approach when working with clients, asking questions and listening to their responses to better alter and modify our sessions to maximize the depth and degree to which they are hypnotized in order to promote the powerful and lasting changes that they seek.
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